the american civil defense assn.

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The American Civil Defense Association

12162 S. Business Park Drive, Suite 208

Draper, UT  84020

phone:  800-425-5397

fax:  888-425-5339




  1. ACDA,
    I have a Montana bunker for sale. It is new with no usage at all. It is 100% off the grid. How can I show this?
    Can you help in any way?

  2. We try! I checked out your link and it is quite nice! Great job!

  3. Tom Graver says:

    We own the domain name and wish to sell it. The revenue will help market the Second Amendment Report. If you know of anyone that may be interested kindly have them contact me. At present, I have received offers of up to $1,500. We are looking for in the range of $52,500. This is a MAJOR domain name that is worth a great deal more. I can be reached at the above email address or via landline at 561-246-7349
    God Bless America and the Military
    Tom Graver – Owner – Publisher

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